Preparing for Bushwalking and Hiking in Tropical Conditions

Judge your fitness

We think that matching your fitness level to the grade of the walk is the best recipe for an enjoyable walk. If you can do the Blue Arrow circuit walk in the Whitfield Range Conservation Park in 2.5 hours or under, you should be able to manage one of our easy or moderate walks.


Bushwalking is no more dangerous than any other recreational pastime. However, as with any outdoor physical activity, there is always some element of risk involved. We walk in a hot and humid tropical environment, where there is always a risk of falls, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and stings and bites. When walking with the club, please be aware, come properly equipped, act sensibly and safely, walk within the limits of your fitness, and obey the directions of the walk leader. Then any risks to both the individual walker and the group as a whole will be minimised.

A few rules...

What To Take

Day Bush Walk

*The items highlighted in Italics are obligatory

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